Friday, March 27, 2015

Beyond Puffy!

Our sweet little Pom was diagnosed last summer
with hypothryoidism after I noticed gobs of his fur
coming out when I brushed him and
found discolored patches on his skin that I couldn’t wash off. 

(Thank heavens there’s a blood test,
because his energy level and weight were just fine.)


The medicine he has been on has definitely been working! 

He has *re-sprouted* over the winter
and I think all his fur has come back and then some!!

No, really.  It’s like he’s exploding with fur!

At first he was easier to groom,
because he lost his wooly undercoat
that makes for so much brushing. 

(That’s an understatement, I might add!) 

Unfortunately, I think it’s coming back, too. 

Oh well -- good thing he’s so cute! 

Lucky Dog

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