Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It was just one of those days...

Well, it started out looking good...

I was organized.  I was ready.  I was getting it done.

In fact, I was making some bread with my new oven.  
That photo is a picture of the starter that I use for it. 

Look at all those happy bubbles!!

I haven’t made bread in awhile, and I was wondering if I could revive my starter.  <eeeeeeek!>  Thank heavens he finally woke up and started eating and bubbling.

Then, as it turns out, the new oven has a “bread proofing” mode!  Wow, I didn’t even know to want that!  How perfect, so I popped in my dough and was just letting it rise…

Meanwhile, I was making name tags for our small group class at church and I ran out of labels there at the end, so I just needed to run to Staples for another box of supplies before I could finish.

And then this little baby needed to go to the vet for shots, etc.


It all started out well enough,
but right when I thought I was home free….

First of all, the dog is fine.  J

The bread dough, however, didn’t make it.  L

When we came home, I checked the oven, and something about the new proofing mode didn’t make my dough happy, and it didn’t rise well at all.  

In fact, it’s kinda hard to tell what went wrong.
It “should’ve” worked beautifully.  100° and all. 

Good thing it was trash day.  *Poof*, out it went.  All that potential deliciousness, too…  28 soft-as-puffy-clouds, yeasty, heavenly rolls.  Dead.

And the first batch of name tags that I made?  
*Poof*!  They’re out with the trash, too. 

It seems that they no longer make the kind that I had, so I had to buy the latest version.  Which, of course, uses a different template and a different badge.  Naturally, that meant I had to re-type, re-print and re-stuff all those name tags that were almost finished!


What can I say??? 
At least I had easy traffic everywhere I drove.

And I did get everything finished and delivered, put the trash out, and sat down to watch “In the Kitchen with David” on QVC with a hot dinner that I didn’t even have to make.  Thank you, Stouffer’s!  Not bad for such a long, crazy day. 

(Ina Garten will be David’s guest on Sunday!)

I think I will chillax in a bit and read one of my little mystery paperbacks, and hope that “Tomorrow is another day”.


Lucky Dog

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