Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Smoky Mountain Morning Mist

I finished another lace shawl!!

They take so long to knit, that this is always a red letter day!
I took this photo while it was blocking.

I used my old fabric cutting board to block it on, and I loved being able to use its grid to make sure things were nice and straight.

I thought I was going to get some fancy blocking boards last year for Christmas, but they didn’t have a grid printed on them.  And then I read a blog that suggested using a regular fabric cutting board.  Well, I already had one of those from 2 or 3 lifetimes ago, when I used to do Stretch and Sew.  J

Since you blot the knitted piece in towels first, it really isn’t too wet for the cardboard.  I was surprised.  And happy.

And I think I will buy some more T-pins.  I found myself wanting to use a ton of them!

Anyway, this piece was knitted with Alpaca Sox yarn by Classic Elite Yarns in a lovely tonal grape color.  It was very nice to knit with.  And although I usually use laceweight yarn for my lace, I really enjoyed knitting this in a sockweight this time.

The scarf is knit from bottom to top, and has 2 edgings built into the pattern, which is a very cool design.

The pattern is “Smoky Mountain Morning Mist Scarf”, which I bought on Etsy.  The shop is called “Lavender Hill Knits”.   Here’s a link:  Lavender Hill Knits

And I enjoyed knitting it so much that after I finished this scarf, I cast on with a gorgeous turquoise mohair laceweight yarn to knit another scarf with the same pattern! 

It will be fun to see what changing only the yarn does to the pattern.

Go forth and knit!

Lucky Dog


  1. GORGEOUS is that!!! What a beauty and I'm sure the one you just started will be just as lovely! xo

  2. You lucky dog you! What a beautiful scarf - but then everything you knit is gorgeous. I'm thinking that the soft turquoise will be fabulous too!

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    2. Thanks, sweetie! There's a Rowan Kidsilk Haze green yarn, not quite celadon, that I think you would adore! XOXO