Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Post-Lace Shawl Thoughts

So, now that I finally finished my very long UFO lace projects, I’m looking for my next knitting project:  more lace, of course!  J

(Actually in the meantime, I am also working on some socks for Mr. Man, a prayer shawl, and various swatches of lace stitches that I’ve always wanted to try out.)

At first, I thought I would be content to knit different lace patterns into more and more rectangles forever and ever amen, using one of Barbara Walker’s treasuries for inspiration.  And that’s still a good idea…

(Oh, now there is this one lace scarf pattern that I bought from a gal on Etsy that I want to knit up with a ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze soon… J )

But then I was surfing on Ravelry, and fell in love with so many of the lace patterns there.  I was surprised, though, to see that most of them are triangular shawls.

Then I realized that the triangle shape would be popular because you have those long sides of the V upon which to knit all sorts of delicious pointy lace patterns.

But when I look at the triangle shawl instructions, I can’t make sense of them at all.  The charts don’t even look triangle-shaped.  They look like gobbledegook to my poor brain.

It turns out they assume I know what I’m doing.  (!!!)

Hahaha  How silly of them!  Why would they think that???

Well, I found 2 patterns to help me get some systematic learning:

One is called the “Confidence Shawl”, and is on the Lost City Knits website.  Denise goes into great detail on teaching you all those things that others assume you know how to do, especially how to read the charts correctly.

Here’s the link to her website:  She sells beautiful yarn on her website in addition to her patterns.  It’s like one-stop shopping!  She hails from east Oklahoma, so she’s practically local.  She works with small farmers and hand-dyes every skein herself.  She’s living the dream, so I love to promote and support her whenever I can.

The Confidence Shawl isn’t a lace shawl pattern, but it’s a nice introduction to knitting a triangular shawl and understanding its construction.  Knitting it gives you “confidence” to take the next step.  J

BTW, it is a point-up type triangular shawl.  You begin with casting on 3 stitches and end up with a bazillion stitches across the top of the shawl. 

I’m not even halfway through knitting that, and the rows are definitely getting longer!  Thank heavens for stitch markers!  J

I can’t decide which pattern to knit after that.  I’m considering two.  One is called “A Beginner’s Lace Shawl”.  It is found here:

And the other one is called the “Ashton Shawlette”.   

I found them by googling and surfing the Internet and Ravelry.

Both of them are knit top down, as opposed to point-up.  And they both have extra instructions for those of us who are beginners to a garter stitch tab shawl, and don’t have a class or teacher to fill us in on how it’s done.  <whew>

And nowadays, there are even YouTube videos to help, too!  Isn’t technology wonderful??

Today I am leaning toward the Ashton Shawlette, because it seems like a logical next step after the Confidence Shawl. 

I haven’t started it yet because I am still in the throes of knitting the Confidence Shawl, but I think I have picked out some yarn in my stash that I will use for it.

That’s subject to change. 


But isn’t that half the fun??  J

Lucky Dog

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