Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kidney Kitty -- Part 3

Well, our little kidney cat is hanging in there...

We had been giving him Procrit for his anemia for the last few months, and it was an amazing wonder drug.  He totally returned to his normal self while he was on it.

Unfortunately, he developed antibodies which keep the drug from working, so we had to quit giving it to him.  So now the anemia has returned and will get worse.  And actually, it will do him in way before his kidneys play out.

But he’s doing well, all things considered.  And while we may not have him much longer, at least we don’t have any regrets.  He’s our sweet baby, and we would do whatever for him.  ♥

Hindsight being 20:20…  I wish we had started him on Pet Tinic and Azodyl the day we learned he had kidney disease.  Who knows if it would’ve changed anything, but you always learn things when you go through stuff, and that’s what I would have done differently.

I’ve also learned (from us giving him fluids every day) that if you do something every day, you not only get better at it, it even seems easy after awhile. 

Because at first, giving him fluids was a monumental and seemingly insurmountable task.  Now, it’s no big deal.

I also wish I had known from the very beginning about the Walgreen’s Prescription Card that you can get for your pet.  For $20 a year, it has saved us tons

One bag of fluids from the vet was $20.  It’s $1.83 from Walgreen’s with the card.  (We go through a bag about every 10 days.)  The card saved us about $150 on the Procrit alone!  I could go on and on.  And who knew?

I found out about it on THE chronic kidney disease cat website:  That website has helped us in countless ways.  So if you have a cat with kidney disease, go there first.  Then read my blog posts on the matter.  J

He’s curled up sleeping right now, and that’s a good thing.

Lucky Dog