Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Favorite Product: Pill Glide Spray

Well, I didn’t plan to do 2 entries
on Favorite Products in a row,
but sometimes that’s just the way it goes!  J

This morning I used this spray
before taking my vitamins and thought,
now that needs to go on the blog!! 

It’s just wonderful.  ♥

You see, I take a lot of supplements. 

I guess it’s an Over-50 way of trying to buy good health. 

  Anyway, I absolutely hate taking pills. 
Especially the big ones.

If I were in charge,
everything would be the size of a little, cute softgel. 
Right?!?  hahaha

It’s no surprise, then, that instead of a horse tablet,
my calcium supplement is a chewable gummy, as is my multi! 

But lots of my pills are big. 
And I happened to see this at the drugstore
one day and thought, “hey, that is exactly what I need!”

And it was. 
This spray really really works!

You spray it in your mouth before taking your pills --
and by the way, it is a delicious strawberry flavor --
and the pills really do go down easier.  

(It comes in 5 flavors.)

I take my biggest pill first, and then the next-biggest and so on.

Hey, it makes my life easier,
and I don’t know about y’all,
but I need more of that any way I can get it!!

Lucky Dog

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