Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kidney Kitty

Well, our wonderful little diabetic kitty
has also developed chronic kidney disease…


‘Cause we are controlling his diabetes really really well.

Fortunately, we caught his kidney numbers early with bloodwork,
and we’ve been on top of it, but it’s always terminal. 

So when he lost another pound recently, I knew that was bad. 
So I took him in to see our wonderful vet,
who said we could try giving him
subcutaneous fluids twice a week.

I knew that fluids thing was gonna be in our future,
I just didn’t know how soon.

We’ve been able to give the cat his insulin shot twice a day,
and even have been able to poke his little ear
for a blood sugar reading whenever,
but sub-Q fluids???

Naturally, I had to read up on this on the Internet.  :) 

And I found a great website 
that has tons of info, and that even directed me
to a website with better needles
(that were also a really good deal).

But we’re not very good at giving the fluids yet... 
And by “we”, I mean Mr. Man. 

(I don't think I could ever do it!!)

Thankfully, our wonderful vet tech makes house calls
and can help us out whenever.

But it turns out that fluids are just part of his new therapy. 
I also give him some MiraLax for his constipation,
and some Pepcid for his acidy tummy. 

Who knew, right??

And gosh!  Between those 3, he’s back to himself again! 
At least for now.

But, ya know…  I hadn’t even realized
that his personality and behavior had changed.

Things erode so slowly that we didn’t notice anything. 
All we noticed was his weight loss. 

(We weigh our all pets monthly--‘cause stuff like this happens.)

But now he’s back to being happy and social,
and picking on the little female!  :)

Who knows how long we will get to enjoy him... 

They say that with chronic kidney disease
they are headed for the cliff,
but that each cat has its own speed.

He’s the sweetest and best cat in the land,
so we hope he takes his time. 
♥ ♥ ♥

Lucky Dog


  1. Oh that is such sad news. I am glad that you are battling along with him, and so nice that he has returned to 'normal' and is obviously feeling well. That makes it all worth while. Enjoy your time together none of us know what the future holds and today has been a bad day for news of deaths and a colleague having an emergency operation. I do hope your gorgeous little cat does well on the new regime. You are wonderful people.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      My best to you and your colleague. ♥