Thursday, November 8, 2012

For the Birds

Do you see that empty suet holder dangling open there??

And I had just filled it with a brand-new suet cake!

Someone had an awfully big breakfast
this morning...

Or maybe it was a late-night snack!

Oh my.
We'll have to come up with a way to outsmart whoever it was.

Oh, and see our new clear bird feeder?

I got that off Amazon.
It's supposed to be squirrel-proof,
and so far, it is!

Oh, they think about jumping on it,
and some of 'em do and then they freak out and jump off.

It's kinda fun to watch.

We've been giving the squirrels some deer corn instead,
so it's not like they're going hungry.

Okay, so, TGIF, everybody!!!

Lucky Dog


  1. I would just love to see the little squirrels jumping off the ledger and missing the bird feeder. Sure, I don;t want to see them getting hurt, but man I am sure it is entertaining.

    1. Oh, they don't get hurt! Sometimes they get on top of the bird feeder and then take a flying leap off! LOL XOXO